The internet and identity technology are changing — quickly.

How can we help you keep up?

What are the implications of self-sovereign identities?

How do you prepare for the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation?

How can your business use self-sovereign identity technologies?

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We help companies to implement standard-based self-sovereign identity technology, understand and grow decentralized ecosystems around self-sovereign identity, and prepare for the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation.


Understanding and Growing Decentralized Networks using Self-sovereign Identities

Users are becoming increasingly aware of their need for strong data rights. Governments are slowly adapting to this, with the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation as the first move towards a market in which businesses will have to adapt with new business models and technical infrastructure. With the decentralized web as an answer to these needs, users will be able to use services they want to interact with data stored in their own private location, while freely being able to switch between them. This allows for a market with a significantly lowered barrier to innovate, one in which collaboration between players is much favorable over competing without the main competitive advantage of data, network effects and vendor lock-in. We help businesses to create and participate in collaborative decentralized ecosystems where the value generated by its services benefits the ecosystem as a whole.

Self-sovereign Identity Technology

Building on standardized decentralized technologies such as the Blockchain, we’ve designed a user-friendly and cost-efficient solution that allows users to access services across your organization with a single click, complete with both hard to get information like verified passport and address details, and data associated with users from other services they might interact with.

Beyond our solutions, let us help you efficiently identify what potential the hyperconnected data of the decentralized web holds for your business. We help businesses integrate these technologies into their processes, and help to set up the scalable technical infrastructure and business strategies for them to make the most of these opportunities.


GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliance is mandated by May of 2018. This means businesses are required to show exactly how their data is used and enable them to freely take their data with them to different services. How can your operations adapt to these changes in a cost-effective way? And how do these requirements impact your business model?