The Internet of Things – IoT- era is here. Objects, sensors and devices in the physical world connected to the internet gathering and sharing data are everywhere around us: home appliances, traffic and transport sensors and healthcare devices among many others. They have arrived and they are here to stay.High adoption barriers such as the non-interoperability between devices, communication protocols, security and trust issues, as well as vendors’ closed systems do not allow the users to exploit the opportunities that the Internet of Things has to offer for users and communities.

For this reason, JOLOCOM has joined AGILE, a 3-year-long project funded by the European Commision for the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program. AGILE will build a modular gateway to allow devices to be connected to each other and to the internet. The ultimate goals are to lower down the IoT adoption barriers and to facilitate the creation and deployment of IoT solutions while creating of a strong community engaging developers, SMEs and entrepreneurs. Thanks to a series of pilots during the project, possible solutions to mitigate social and environmental challenges such as air pollution and agriculture systems will be tested.

16 different partners have decided to jump on this boat together with JOLOCOM. From startups to universities, startup accelerators and bigger corporates in the telecom industry, the participants possess different areas of expertise that will result in skill complementation and a richer outcome.

The partners working closely together with us during the next years are:

ATOS (Spain)

BioAssist (Greece)

Canonical (UK)


Eclipse IoT Foundation (Germany)


iMinds (Belgium)

INRIA (France)

IoTango (US)

Libelium (Spain)

MOBISTAR (Belgium)

Resinio (UK)

Startupbootcamp IoT (Spain)

Sky-Watch (Denmark)

Technische Universität Graz (Austria)

Universität Passau (Germany)