Own your digital self

An easy to use decentralised digital identity for everyone



  • Others own your data
  • You don’t control your data
  • You pay with your privacy
  • Editing data requires edits across multiple platforms
  • Username and password jungle





  • You own your data
  • You fully control your data
  • You decide who you share data with
  • Data only needs to be edited once
  • No password jungle, only one private key


Get your self-sovereign identity

Manage your personal data in one secure App
Verify your identity to sign into many different services
Reveal only the information you want to share
Get more info in our FAQ and Whitepaper

Disrupting the trust business

The trust business is little noticed but huge. Startups deploying blockchain technology threaten to disrupt it, and much else besides

‘In a blockchain world, having such a “self-sovereign identity” may well be a fundamental human right. Moxie Marlinspike, an anarchist entrepreneur, and others have already called for the abolition of the “ID-slavery” imposed by current national registration systems. A slew of startups, including Evernym, Jolocom and uPort, are working on services that will allow people to register identities.’