Own your data

Our SmartWallet

a self-sovereign blockchain-enabled identity

the internet today

The internet today

  • passwords you never remember
  • a new service = a new email verification
  • making changes in multiple places
  • trusting google, facebook, twitter and amazon to keep your data safe
the internet in the future

The FUTURE Internet

  • a smartWallet where you store your data
  • you control who has access to what
  • passwords don’t exist
  • you change your information once and it’s up to date

See what the Jolocom smartWallet can do


Quality, hyper-connected data enables you to provide new value to your users.



Your own data, connectable to services to make your life easier.



What can decentralized technology and data do for you?


Who We Are

At Jolocom, we work hard to enable companies to collaborate instead of compete, with your data being yours, respectfully asked permission for to make your life richer in ways impossible before.

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We helpĀ companies to implement standard-based decentralized identity technology, understand and grow decentralized ecosystems.

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