frontend web-app-developer (f/m)

Jolocom – A decentralized data sharing and collaboration tool for the sharing economy. A young and growing Berlin-based startup with the aim of shifting communication and data sharing towards more natural decentralized structures.

We are looking for a web-app-developer to work on the look of our product making it engaging and appealing for users. You will be working together with the development team to bring the vision forward. On the backend we use linked data and blockchain technology. Not familiar with those or with decentralization? No problem, you will love it soon! These technologies support you as a front-end developer/designer to do the impossible. Curious?

Jolocom UG Selected to Take Part in EU H2020 IoT Research Project

The Internet of Things – IoT- era is here. Objects, sensors and devices in the physical world connected to the internet gathering and sharing data are everywhere around us: home appliances, traffic and transport sensors and healthcare devices among many others. They have arrived and they are here to stay.

Fab10 – Bruce Sterling

Bruce offered a detailed overview of the many layers and intricate relationships and alliances which are resulting into co-dependencies of the smart city movement led by technology companies. Bruce sees the ethical and political challenges ahead.