frontend web-app-developer (f/m)

Jolocom – A decentralized data sharing and collaboration tool for the sharing economy. A young and growing Berlin-based startup with the aim of shifting communication and data sharing towards more natural decentralized structures.

We are looking for a web-app-developer to work on the look of our product making it engaging and appealing for users. You will be working together with the development team to bring the vision forward. On the backend we use linked data and blockchain technology. Not familiar with those or with decentralization? No problem, you will love it soon! These technologies support you as a front-end developer/designer to do the impossible. Curious?


There is a certain mystique surrounding the blockchain technology, which seems almost as heroically promising as dangerously powerful.

Hailed as one of the most important innovations of our age by some, this technology describes a distributed database that can “move value around and represent the owernship of property”. Introduced through Bitcoin, the use of the blockchain is also currently gaining attention in many other areas, as the potential missing technological link to a more decentralized world.

Decentralization as a mean of empowerment – by Joachim Lohkamp

“To transform bureaucratic hierarchies into technology driven networks” (Fred Wilson). That is what the actors from the GETDecentralized community want to achieve. Their next meetings are in San Francisco and Paris. A full track will be dedicated to this topic at the next OuiShare Fest.