Jolocom UG Selected to Take Part in EU H2020 IoT Research Project

The Internet of Things – IoT- era is here. Objects, sensors and devices in the physical world connected to the internet gathering and sharing data are everywhere around us: home appliances, traffic and transport sensors and healthcare devices among many others. They have arrived and they are here to stay.

High adoption barriers such as the non-interoperability between devices, communication protocols, security and trust issues, as well as vendors’ closed systems do not allow the users to exploit the opportunities that the Internet of Things has to offer for users and communities.

In order to tackle these issues, Jolocom UG has been selected to join AGILE, a three-year-long project funded by the European Commission for the Horizon 2020 ICT30 Research and Innovation program. The AGILE project aims to develop the software and hardware required to build modular gateway solutions for managing the devices and data in IoT solutions. It will support the local management of devices, data, app development, and runtime, and include security features that allow users to share data in a trusted way. The AGILE technology will be based on existing open source projects and create new open source technology to complete the solution. The AGILE project will also feature the integration of an IoT apps Marketplace to help facilitate a diverse ecosystem of extensions and plugins. Finally, AGILE will be used in five diverse Pilots in various domains (QuantifiedSelf, Smart Retails, Open Air monitoring using Drones, etc.) and be supported by an IoT Testbed, featuring more than 2500 sensors, to facilitate testing of IoT solutions.

The total funding for the AGILE project is 6.857.550€ over three years and includes a consortium of 17 organizations, including CREATE-NET (Italy), iMinds VZW (Belgium), Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH (Germany), ATOS Spain SA (Spain), Canonical Group Limited (United Kingdom), Ltd (United Kingdom), Jolocom UG (Germany), Universität Passau (Germany), Sky-Watch (Denmark), BioAssist SA (Greece), MOBISTAR SA (Belgium), Startupbootcamp (Spain), Technische Universität Graz (Austria), INRIA (France), EUROTECH SPA (Italy), Libelium (Spain), and IoTango S.A. (United States).

Jolocom UG will provide expertise and resources in the areas of data sharing, visualization and use case development for a proper research and development of the software modules of the AGILE gateway as well as the project Pilots. Besides this, thanks to the extensive network Jolocom has built in over time in Berlin’s creative community, Jolocom will lead the project dissemination activity of hosting an artistic installation with the aim of building a bridge between the Internet of Things and everyday citizens, raising public awareness of the advantages that IoT applications can offer when data is made available to the user.

The wide spectrum of specialization areas and skills coming from the 17 partners – all the way from security, through hardware development to community building – will help enrich every step of the process of this three-year-long project hoping for excellent results: a top notch modular gateway and a well established growing community that will continue building IoT solutions on top of technology developed throughout the project lifetime.

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