frontend web-app-developer (f/m)

Jolocom – A decentralized data sharing and collaboration tool for the sharing economy. A young and growing Berlin-based startup with the aim of shifting communication and data sharing towards more natural decentralized structures.

We are looking for a web-app-developer to work on the look of our product making it engaging and appealing for users. You will be working together with the development team to bring the vision forward. On the backend we use linked data and blockchain technology. Not familiar with those or with decentralization? No problem, you will love it soon! These technologies support you as a front-end developer/designer to do the impossible. Curious?


– Take responsibility for your actions and be a good communicator
– Patient & ready to start over
– Have a good eye for design and relate more to the stylistic side rather than functional
– Even if not familiar with terms such as blockchain or decentralization, you believe in a system where the power is given back to us, the users

Your experience:

– Javascript (proficiency even without jQuery)
– Knowledge of at least one major JS framework: React, Ember, Aurelia, Backbone, Angular, Vue, etc
– Experience with CSS concepts: BEM, OOCSS, etc; good understanding of how specificity works
– Experience with pre-processors, either SASS or LESS would do
– Some experience with task runners Grunt/Gulp (minification, auto-prefixing)
– Some knowledge of flexbox
– Ability to fast prototype layouts & interactions

We offer:

– Leadership & growth opportunities within the team. We are looking for people who are willing to propose new paths and approaches and who do not fear to take the lead
– Flat hierarchies and a comfortable working atmosphere with an international team. We come all the way from the UK, Lithuania, Spain, Germany, Moldavia, Mexico and Australia.
– Inspiring working location: Ethereum office near Kottbusser Tor. We work next to people who are also involved in decentralization topics, so it’s a great place to mingle and take part in the strong community around web decentralization.
– Involvement in AGILE, a Horizon 2020 European Commission project for IoT solutions which we entered in January 2015 together with 16 international partners.

We’d like to hear about you. If you are interested in working with us, send your CV together with a few lines telling us why you would like to work with us and why web decentralization is a topic you would like to work on. This last part is very important for us, we want to know what triggered you to apply and what your aspirations are!

To be sent to:

If you would like to learn more about web decentralization, you can find a list of videos under the DECENTRALIZATION page in this website.

We are looking forward to meeting you!