Fab10 – Bruce Sterling

Bruce offered a detailed overview of the many layers and intricate relationships and alliances which are resulting into co-dependencies of the smart city movement led by technology companies. Bruce sees the ethical and political challenges ahead. Alex Blumentals asked: “I wonder what others said at FabLab – Bruce is very good here pointing out how unsmart the smart city idea is, I don’t s’poze that was what the organizers wanted to hear.” What this talk and following discussions unveiled sounds very interesting and goes along what we try to do… connecting the new and the established. Community building is at the core and technology plus visual interfaces help building trust and to better manage the complexity of the manifold overlaps we all share, and that close the loops of interconnectivity.

Currently our space to work from is Agora , an open community space around cowokring, art, food and technology. What is important to understand is, that cities are long living creatures and it isn’t smart not to consider multiple levels of recursion in designing really smart futures – Check out the video!